I’ve been meaning to add a post about flags for a while. In fact, I almost feel that certain flags of the world demand a separate individual post to tell their own tale.

I remember being obsessed with flags when I was at school. My geography teacher had huge map with all the flags of the world at the bottom and I made it my business to memorise as many as I could. I still have trouble with some of the African and South American nations. But most are quite distinctive and that is why I think that they stand out as bold graphical statements. Some represent the country’s identity, other’s are simply intriguing devices that reflect religious or monarchical persuasions. I’m also fascinated by the lore of flags. With a few exceptions, they nearly all fit to ancient dimensions or styles and many have strict rules about when or where they can be flown.

Flags.net has pretty much everything there is to see. Even random things like ensigns and county flags are on there, which in some ways are much more interesting and there is the added bonus that you can buy any of them. I also recommend the Collins Gem book of flags for handy but rather geeky recognition on the fly.

Favourite flags have to be the Nepalese flag, the Seychelles flag, the good old Union flag and my home county flag of Yorkshire.

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    1. Richard wrote:

      What sort of lady man has a flower on his flag? Pfft.

      You want to get yourself one of these lad:


    2. pixelfibre wrote:

      Yeah cos that’s a so beautiful. It looks like the flag for the yacht club at some special school.

    3. pixelfibre wrote:

      heheh… a knot!

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