BBC4 series ‘Weather’


I have just finished watching the first episode of the new BBC4 series, ‘Weather‘ and as I seem to be rather enjoying the seasons at the moment, I thought I would put up a post about it. The first episode is about rain; the classic British enemy and ally rolled into one. We hate it, we moan about it and yet we love it and our green countryside really couldn’t do without it.

This programme isn’t just another weave-together of storm footage and postponed Wimbledon matches. It’s actually a careful, strangely captivating and informing piece of television that settles on some forgotten meteorological treasures such as the SymonsMeteorological system of precipitation measurement or the cloud classification system. There’s even a rather sad part where one of the experts on the programme stops briefly to admire the largely forgotten and shamefully overgrown grave of the great George James Symons – the man who gave us our obsession with the phrase ‘since records began’. I found this little eulogy of someone, who in reality forged a very important part of the identity of anyone who has ever lived in these isles to be very touching.

I’m gagging for the next episode, which is about the snowflake, but if you can’t wait for that, you can re-watch the ‘rain’ episode for a few more days on iplayer.

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