Cricket Press


I’ve been investigating the work of Cricket Press over the weekend. Rather good stuff actually. Apart from sporting a magnificent name these chaps run a small design studio that does a lot of it’s own silk-screen printing. Based in Lexington, US they produce a wealth of charming posters, invites and flyers for bands and gigs.

There is something quite hand-made about their work that restores a bit of faith in the good old fashioned print-design industry. Also, there is a certain something that I think comes through in this type of American print-design that is especially obvious here… It’s a sort of whirling curvaceous boldness that I think European designers often see as being too obvious or maybe even too ‘cutesy’ (which I’m inclined to agree with sometimes). Whichever way you see it, it’s reassuring to see that some small studios seem to be doing OK right now. Have a  look at their 2008 poster gallery, it’s proper good.

Maybe that’s the way forward – self-contained design studios that handle every aspect of the process.

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