Filmsamling VHS covers


It’s a sweltering day in the summer of 1989 and the school holidays are in full swing. Mum and Dad are at work and my brother is looking after me. We’ve just been to the local shop and have come back with two VHS videos (for the price of one). The feel of the sticky plastic case under my arm whilst I rode my BMX home has stuck in my mind until even now. In less than ten minutes, we would probably be watching something along the lines of ‘House‘ or even ‘The Golden Child‘. Satisfied everytime by a warping soundtrack, grainy image and unwound tape.

VHS was an era that should never be forgotten and there is a Swedish chap who has definitely not forgotten. In fact, he has collected a huge and particularly humorous collection of low-budget VHS covers. What I love about these, isn’t just the fact that most of the films are stylishly crap, it’s more the hand-made graphics and outrageously misleading imagery that get me going.

Have a peep at the full set – It’ll keep you going for hours.

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    1. MattStat wrote:

      Ah yes. I seem to remember you picking up a misplaced copy of ‘Red Shoe Diaries II – Double Dare’ and asking me if there was much shooting in it.
      My all time favourite CRAP VHS cover has to be ‘Backdaraft’.

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