Hendricks Gin


I’m in the habit of taking a couple of gin and tonics in an evening once the days grow longer. I find the bitter-sweet pang and botanical-edged refreshment of a good G & T will assist anyone in disregarding the toils and torments of the day in favour of a more clement disposition before dinner.  As spring comes into its own and we kiss goodbye to the sticky ales and heavy wines of winter, I find myself requiring a gin that puts rights to the wrongs of March – the month that never really gets going. One such brand that I favour is the peculiar Scottish gin, Hendricks. And it’s right good too.

I came across this gin a few years back when I lived in Glasgow – I was initially allured by their traditionally shaped bottle and Victorian design theme. It’s hard to get it cheap down South, but it is, needless to say, worth every penny!  It has just the right blend of ingredients that are slowly vapoured (not boiled) through in the stilling process to give it a lovely rounded and perfectly smooth taste. This is isn’t your hard-nosed London gin that could strip paint from a door. This is a masterful infusion that demands nothing else other than a nib of cumber and a dash of tonic – ideally served on a freshly-mown lawn.

Have a peek at their rather special website to see how it’s made and I guarantee that by the end of it, you’ll probably be up for a  tracking a bottle down.

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    1. Richard wrote:

      I heartly concur with this old friend. Was supping G&T this very weekend just gone. It eases open the door to Spring after too many months spent slugging away at the old stout and port combination.

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