Stella Artois 4% Campaign

Image of Stella 4% poster campaign

After seeing that the over-zealous ASA banned Courage breweries from using their decades old slogan of ‘Take Courage’ in their new advertising campaign on the grounds of it implying that beer induces bravery, I nearly didn’t add this post. I happen to feel pretty strongly about the hypocrisy surrounding alcohol advertising and can’t understand how mighty old Stella got away with it and poor old Courage didn’t. A crime.

Anyhow, satisfying the ‘steady drinking’ profile of the oh-so modern man, is Stella Artois 4%. A tasteless pale relative of its wife-beating big brother. Really, this drink is useless – you’d be better off having a shandy with the stronger stuff. But I have to say, the advertising campaign by London-based agency, Mother, is cracking.

It consists of a series of viral films that parody modern films and TV in a vintage 1960’s French filmesque style. The fine details and post-production treatment are well executed and they all warrant a full viewing. The faux poster work to promote the films is also very nicely done; incorporating some classic iconography and graphic design elements of the film industry from the era.

Still not sure why a Belgian beer is pretending to be French though. That’s the sort of thing that causes strikes on the continent. Anyhow, check the campaign microsite out to see the full-length films and here’s a wee taster below.

YouTube Preview Image

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