Homebrew Label Design

Image of label design for Statham's Homebrew

I have recently bottled up my annual scrumpy and it’s now quietly purring in a corner of my kitchen. I stood there looking thirstily at the honey-coloured bottles and it suddenly dawned on me that I hadn’t made any new labels. What followed was a dreary hour of shunting the elements of my old ‘ unicorn’ device around the screen with some tedious political debate on the radio for inspiration.

That wouldn’t stand. So a couple of nights ago I reworked the logo for my home-brewing (mis-ad)ventures with a more permanent auspice in mind. I used the same theme: A rampant unicorn with a mane like a banshee’s eye lashes. Only this time I left behind the  previous design’s heavy Victorian typographic styling and went for a cleaner, flat-colour print effect. I drew heavily on the graphics from Camembert wrappers of Northern France and also from old tobacco tins from my Grandad’s shed (nice collection of examples here). This is what came out. Any thoughts?

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    1. Colin wrote:

      It’s great! My only minor reservation is that the unicorn’s mane makes me think of Peter Murphy in that Maxell cassette ad.

      • pixelfibre wrote:

        Very kind Sir. Thanks.
        Indeed, that razor sharp mane is very Murpheyesque. Maybe I was subconsciously thinking of that. Classic advertising.

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