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Truman's Beer: Runner

When I first moved to London I was very conscious of the fact that many of the pubs I frequented had a dusty old sign above the door or a peeling sticker in the window advertising Truman’s beer.  I would occasionally hear old men talking affectionately of their ales and would see a closed down pub or two bearing the Truman’s Eagle. I started to add things up when I came across the sprawling refurbished hipster metropolis of the Old Truman’s Brewery. Once the heart of Europe’s biggest brewery. I felt done over. Would I ever taste this elusive brew that at one time seemed to be East London’s lifeblood?

Years have past since then. New and old London breweries have emerged and fallen. Much has been drunk and I had largely forgotten of the quest to taste Truman’s. Then a couple of weeks ago a friend e-mailed me the website for the new Truman’s brand. It appeared that my historical thirst was about to be quenched. Within a couple of days the internet seepage had begun and friends were independently e-mailing the website around too. Funny how that happens these days isn’t it? Anyway. The bottom line is that the guys who have dragged the Truman’s brand from it’s less than graceful demise have promised to furnish the brand with the principles it started it on – Keeping it simple and keeping it local. Sounds good to me.

Their first beer is called Truman’s Runner and it’s a nice session ale. A real ‘folksbeer’. The experienced and polite brewers at Nethergate have made themselves the surrogate home for Truman’s until they can find a London premises, but I’m told the recipe is original. It’s available in selected pubs on tap in London and will no doubt pick up momentum fast.

Grab a pint and check out their website for an interesting peek at their history.

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