Paul Tebbott

Image of Paul Tebbot Prints

Paul Tebbot is an illustrator and designer based in Manchester. I saw his work a fair few months ago when his ‘chemtrail‘ poster was doing the rounds and some of his new work was reviewed on the ISO50 blog. I was instantly allured by the simple, uncomplicated lines and delicate geometrics.

Paul’s designs are splendidly clean and minimal. There are no surplus elements to frustrate the eyes and it’s clear that he has the meticulous knack of getting the page balance  just right. Although his work is undoubtedly contemporary, the colour tones and textures give off a very familiar warmth that I associate with some of the poster graphics of the 1960’s and 1970’s.

Have a good long look at Paul’s site when you get a spare minute to yourself. It makes for a gratifying viewing. Also, for some very reasonable prices, you can purchase one of his prints from his shop front. Can’t say it fairer really.

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